Dr. Henk A. Tennekes in The Organic View Radio Show: The Catastrophic Effects of Neonicotinoids on Insects And Birds

Dr. Henk Tennekes has been involved with cancer research for most of his career. His work regarding bees began after reading an official report to the Dutch Minister of Agriculture on the decline of bees. He was amazed at the lack of information on insecticides as a possible factor in the bee decline. Dr. Tennekes then began to research the impact of neonicotinoid insecticides such as imidacloprid and clothianidin, and discovered that their dose:response characteristics are similar to those of carcinogens.

These chemicals are not only affecting the honeybees but other species that are not closely monitored such as butterflies and other insects. He began to study the food habits of declining bird species and discovered that they depended on invertebrates. Dr. Tennekes is convinced that there is a link between the use of neonics and the decline of insects and birds. If these applications are not banned, there will be an impending environmental catastrophe that is irreversible. In The Organic View Radio Shows of February 8th and March 23rd 2011, host, June Stoyer spoke to esteemed Toxicologist and author, Dr. Henk Tennekes, about his research and discussed this monumental devastation that will affect us on a global scale.

Please check out his book, A Disaster In The Making http://www.disasterinthemaking.com

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