The Blue Crane, the national bird of South Africa, remains endangered

South Africa's national bird, the blue crane (Anthropoides paradiseus), also known as the Stanley Crane and the Paradise Crane, remains endangered, the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) said, as the annual KwaZulu-Natal aerial crane survey entered its 20th year. Blue Cranes are birds of the dry grassy uplands, usually the pastured grasses of hills, valleys, and plains with a few scattered trees. Most of their diet is comprised by grasses and sedges. They are also regularly insectivorous, feeding on numerous, sizable insects such as grasshoppers. Small animals such as crabs, snails frogs and small lizards and snakes may supplement the diet, with such protein-rich food often being broken down and fed to the young.

News 24, 9th July 2012…