Ely and Cambridgeshire farmland bird numbers decline by 9 per cent over 5 years

Bird numbers in Ely and Cambridgeshire have declined around British farmland by almost a tenth, according to new figures released by Defra. The latest figures released on Thursday (23rd November) by the government's environmental department reveal that wild bird numbers have dropped 9% from the years between 2010 and 2015, and by almost 70% by 1970. The figures have led the RSPB to call for a shift in how the UK operates its farming policies after it leaves the EU, to a more environmentally and sustainable friendly system.

Tree sparrows (Passer montanus), corn buntings (Emberiza calandra) and grey partridge (Perdix perdix) are just few of the species which have suffered a "severe" drop in numbers, of more than 90% since 1970. The farming industry takes the decline in farmland bird species seriously. Across the country, farmers have been taking part in numerous conservation projects to help restore numbers.

Source: About My Area, 30 Nov 2017