Pheasant counts decline in North Dakota

R.J. Gross is upland game management biologist for North Dakota Game and Fish, and said a roadside pheasant survey shows that total pheasants (Phasianus colchicus) observed per 100 miles are down 61 percent from last year. Brood observations, meanwhile, were down 63 percent and average brood size was down 19 percent. The survey is based on 279 survey runs made along 103 brood routes across North Dakota.

“Brood data suggests very poor production this spring when compared to 2016, which results in less young birds added to the fall population,” Gross said.

In northwestern North Dakota, pheasants are down 72 percent from last year, with broods down 76 percent. Observers recorded three broods and 24 birds per 100 miles. The average brood size was 5.2.

Source: Williston Herald, September 13, 2017…