Hilsa numbers dwindle in markets

The delectable hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) seems to be fast dwindling from the markets in the coastal districts of Kendrapada and Jagatsinghpur, putting a strain on the people of Odisha. Following a low catch, the cost of hilsa too has gone up significantly. These days the cost of hilsa ranges from Rs 700 to Rs 800/kg and even the small-sized fish are being sold for not less than Rs 500/kg. "The irony is that the hilsa has now turned into a luxury item, beyond the reach of the common man due to its exorbitantly high price," said Swadhin Dash, a bank employee from Kendrapada. "A few years back Kendrapada, Jagatasinghpur and its nearby fish markets would be flooded with the hilsa, but now it has become a rare sight in the market. And those that are coming are very small in size," said Narayan Haldar, president of the Odisha Masyajibi Forum. Industrial pollutants are to blame for poisoning the hilsa breeding ground.

Source: The Times of India, July 31, 2017